Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Dearest Amanda,

It has already been two years from the day we met.  I was a depressed soul working at a crap job, when an angel walked into my Starbucks and ordered a Grande Mocha.  I’ll never forget the outfit you were wearing. Your smile infected me from the very beginning.  It complemented the way you walked, the way you talked, and even the way you would scratch your nose.  Your mere presence pulled this tortured, lost wretch of a beast out of a pit of depression, drugs and suicide attempts.

It was not hard for me to put you on the pedestal you deserved and exalted all your works completed in me.  All this caused me to be repentant to my way of life prior to the day I fell in love with my savior.

It wasn’t long afterwards when I started staying over at your house.  I learned to appreciate Lifetime movies and home improvement shows from the time we spent watching TV.  During bad weather, I would be your protector and get as close as I could to protect you from the storm. Sometimes I would just watch you sleep. I liked to imagine you were dreaming of me. The reason for your continuous smile while you slumbered.

I’ve never learned so much from anyone so interesting, amazing or fun in my entire life.  You are my world, Amanda.  There is no place I would not follow you.  

Some people may try to demonize the relationship by inferring it’s temporary or superficial. They just don’t understand the relationship we genuinely share.

But something inside my head is starting to believe those accusations.  I can’t let them continue.  It will only bring me back to my lack of self-confidence.   The darkness will only plant seeds and strangle the goodness you have blossomed inside me.  We are prefect for one another.  I could never let you go, nor even think of being with anyone else besides you.

Which is why as soon as you are finished reading this letter, I will kill you - then myself. That way we can be together forever.  You can be the angel you've always been and I will never have to face the demons that once destroyed me.

Please know Amanda, I will love you forever - even if you have no idea who I am!

Happy Anniversary,

p.s. Don’t worry. I’ve let myself in.



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