Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ryan and J'kar [Writer Unblocked]

It was 1:58 in the morning as Ryan and J’kar waited in Ryan’s backyard for J’kar’s ride back to Xyrex. J’kar got lost while travelling to Drankellian when he entered an uncharted worm hole and ended up in Iowa. Ryan found him and they contacted J’kar’s people, but it was going to take three years for the trip to earth. So here they sat in Ryan’s backyard – Ryan on the trampoline and J’kar on the tire swing. The cuckoo clock in the living room struck two o’clock as lights filled Ryan’s back yard. It was J’kar’s ride. The friends embraced and said their goodbyes as J’kar boarded the spacecraft.

Taken from the Writer Unblocked App.  

The challenge was: In 100 words or less, write a story that includes the following, a stranded extraterrestrial, a tire swing, a cuckoo clock.

Total Words: 119



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