PoV: Point of Violence

Point of Violence was originally created with a different ending in mind.  It had a totally different title as well.  In fact, it was intended for a different genre or media.  Each chapter was inspired by 10 words set forth by the fine fellows at Creative Copy Challenge.  Originally the story started with Mark.  But as the process grew and people in this little "universe" started interacting with each other and being affected, I felt I had to tell their story too.

The story revolves around events on  the day of a shooting on a college campus and looks at the progression of the story through the point of view from the various characters.  As time permits I will be going through each chapter to edit and clean them up some.

Chapter 1: Carla - Not Yet Written
Chapter 2: Mark
Chapter 3: Luke
Chapter 4: Nate
Chapter 5: Alicia
Chapter 6: Sylvia 
Chapter 7: Alicia II
Chapter 8: Art
Chapter 9: Luke II
Chapter 10: Sylvia II