Wednesday, December 28, 2016

PoV: Silvia II

Sylvia wakes up in an ER exam room.  The lights are turned down and she tries to focus her thought.
Carla can not be dead.

What the hell just happened?  Was that a dream?  How long was I out? Please let it be a dream.  
She breathes in through her nose deeply then out her mouth to regain her senses.

She turns suddenly and Carla is not there.  She could smell Carla.

Is that weird?  A mother knows the these things right?
She looks down and she is tightly gripping her daughter’s hoodie.  She brings it to her nose and can smell her daughter’s scent.  She begins to weep.
She exits the room and sees a group of nurses conversing.  She walks past them and over hears key words.
“Killer is alive.” “Out of surgery.”
Not for long.

Sylvia could not believe what she was hearing.  Her daughter was dead and her killer was still alive and in her hospital.
She does not understand why she is not a total mess.
Denial maybe?

Whatever it was, she was not in control of her actions.  She went into the drug closet where they kept all the medications.  While not a registered nurse, she knew the code to open the cabinet.  One night when a nurse, her friend Lindsay, had to meet her boyfriend she gave Sylvia the code to the medicine cabinet.  Sylvia never got to use the code.

Until now.
The code worked perfectly.  She did not know what to get so she pulled out a few syringes marked “Provasic”.  She then closed the cabinet and walked to the room where the shooter was being held.
There was no heaviness in her step.  No hesitation, no second thoughts.  She knew what had to be done.
This bastard took everything from me, I have nothing to lose.
She was amazed how no one paid her any attention.  With all the tightened security and measures being taken right now, no one was even looking at her.  Sylvia was getting closer to the room which held the killer.  A tall police officer was standing next to the door.  She pulled a chart from a nearby room, opened it up and pretended she was working.

“Good morning, Officer.  I have some medication for the patient the doctor ordered for his pain.”

“Okay?” Officer Bartlett responded.  “Where’s the other nurse… What’s her name?  Cindy?”

“She got called to assist in the surgery of one of the other victims.”

“I don’t know.  They gave orders that only specifically stated personnel are allowed to enter the patient’s room.”

Sylvia sighed.

“Okay.  I’ll go find Cynthia, but the doctor is not going appreciate the restrictions on medical care.  Even though this man did what he did.”

Sylvia saw confusion on the face of Officer Bartlett.  She could tell he was just doing his job, but was struggling with the supposed medical treatment needed.

“You know.  Don’t worry about it.  Just be quick.  I’ll clear it up later, okay?”

“You’re a nice man.”

Bartlett nodded, and when he did, Sylvia took a syringe and plunged it in the side of his neck.  Bartlett grabbed his neck and fell to the floor.  Sylvia looked around to see if anyone saw her.

No one.

She dragged him in the room.  When Sylvia stood up. she looked at the bed and the monster sleeping in it.

He doesn’t look like someone who would cause all this carnage.  Could this be a mistake?  Maybe he was a victim as well and they’re not sure yet.  This has to be a mistake.
Sylvia stood there staring over the alleged killer’s body, not knowing what to do or how to feel.  Still moments of Carla flashed before her eyes.  The first time she saw her precious little angel, the first day of school.  The trip to New York her sophomore year of high school, and her graduation.  Everything that made Carla special and defined their relationship as mother and daughter.
The last image she saw was the white sheet covering a stretcher.  She clinched her fists and dug her nails into the palms of her hands.
The only mistake that was made, was this bastard thinking he can kill her daughter and get away with it.
Sylvia pulled the curtain around the bed and pulled the killer on the floor.  She slapped him in the face a few times to wake him up.
I want him to know he is about to die, unlike my Sylvia did.
The last slap accomplished her goal.  The killer’s eyes opened quickly.
“Shut up, you!!  You killed my daughter.  Now you will die too you bastard!!!”
Sylvia bit the tip covering the needle off the syringe and pressed it against his neck.
A man in a suit rips open the curtain pointing a gun at Sylvia.
It’s not going to end like this.  They’re going to have to kill me to prevent me from killing this man.
“Stay back,” Sylvia calls out.  “ I will kill him!!!”


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